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Autumn equinox wander

Today I enjoyed the glistening sun filtering through the trees at Anses wood to welcome the energy of the autumn equinox.

The leaves looked exhausted by holding heavy raindrops from the downpour from which I sheltered under the embrace of an ancient beech and listened to the patter onto the autumnal carpet of leaves and casts.

It rained only long enough for me to inhale the aroma of the damp woodland, before I said thank you to the beech who was struggling to shelter me any longer as her leaves weighed heavy and I continued on my wander of no real destination.

Dry ditches were now shallow brooks, with waterlogged trees and sodden moss. As I weaved the boughs and hopped the brooks, I touched a branch and it showered me in its heavy droplets, which sent sparkles out into the ether.

The woodland was silent, not an animal or bird to be seen (although I am sure I was being watched!) But it was nice just to have time with the trees as they start to slow and pull back for another season. I felt a sense of sending them off for a few months and look forward to seeing them when they return. I stroked their mossy limbs, and took time to look at their nooks and crannies and funny angles while in awe of their crowns of fruiting nuts and knowing these beautiful hollies, beech, oak and birch will still be here when they awaken in the spring.

As I approached Cadmans pool the sun was brilliant and low, it took a little time to adjust but as I stepped in the shade of a tree once more, I could see the ducks feeding, fighting and generally causing a commotion. You can't help but smile!

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