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Animal connections

Animals are so intuitive and gentle. They are such 'givers' of their energy supporting us and loving us unconditionally.

When I started working with energy many years ago animals showed me the way by lighting up the energy blockage that needed shifting so I had no doubt what needed to be done and after all these years and experience of healing many different animals from the typical dog or cat to goldfish and even a pet turkey, horses are the most giving of them all and can offer a very profound connection between animal and human.

I am hosting an Animal healing workshop in October,

you need no experience with healing, I (and the animals) will guide you in what to feel for, the day will heighten your vibration, teach you some tips in how to improve your intuition and deepen your connection with your pets.

Tap the link above ☝️ for more details.

The lovely Linda Broomfield from Slowhayes alpacas has kindly offered her animals and opened her beautiful cabin for us to work from. Linda is also a holistic animal wellbeing practitioner. Find our more about her and her farm below. 👇

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