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And finally the rain stopped.

I had to go out, as I was curious about that bright shiny thing in the sky?? 🌞

Yes, finally it stopped raining!!!!

It was a joy to exchange my raincoat for sunglasses although, it may be a while before I am out of my wellies as my walk was very muddy and waterlogged, but that wasn't going to stop me!!

The sun on my face was very welcomed as I meandered along the road through Emery Down. It wasn't long before I was on the forest and it seemed I wasn't the only one enjoying the sunshine.

The cows were lying in the warmth of the heath contented and chewing the cud, and it seemed the birds had a megaphone as suddenly spring was in the air!

I tiptoed (as much as you can in wellies) along the sundrenched path in hope of spotting any basking reptiles, and there he was! An adder, tucked into a warm and safe spot amongst the foliage. Leaving him undisturbed I was keen to get to the highpoint of Acres Down to see the views across the forest and it didn't disappoint.

I was joined by the ponies who were enjoying some time of finally drying their coats. Buzzards circled and called and clouds sailed across the blue skies as I splashed my way along the path.

After continuing my walk to Millyford Bridge and past the Portuguese fireplace, I was amazed that I hadn't yet seen another person.

The landscape for a time changed from muddy broadleaf to dry conifer woodland. The mixed scent of pine and gorse was so sweet, I took a moment to stop and enjoy.

Then suddenly, my attention was turned to the sound of a goshawk. While trying to work out where the calls are coming from, I saw it fly over.

Before too long, I was back amongst the ancient and muddy woodland and felt myself migrate towards one of my favourite quiet spots.

I seeked out a clearing in the woods to soak up some of that sun and 'just be' in nature. It wasn't long before I was joined by a busy bank vole, feeding and calling treecreepers and roaming deer. The chorus of birds was a joy to the heart along with the repetitive tapping of the lesser spotted woodpecker, who could be heard but not seen, and just sitting with thoughts and agendas drifting away was exactly what I needed, to rest and rejuvenate.

My dawdle home was enjoyed by the company of my shadow opposed to the rain, and the only human sighting on my 3 hour wander. Let's hope spring has sprung!

This walk is planned for next month when hopefully it is a little drier under foot.

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