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An organically evolving business.

6 years ago, I took my first guided walk. Since then, my business New Forest Nature and Nurture has organically evolved into a wellbeing service of energy healing, nature therapy, and workshops. As well as supporting other holistic therapists. Guided walks are still a very strong part of my business, but evolving and growing organically is what my business does! Today, I can proudly say New Forest Nature and Nurture is now an inspired member of New Forest Marque.

I am now producing a range of individual bespoke walking routes tailored for the customers of new forest hotels, cafes, and businesses who would like a walking route created for the benefit of their customers. I am also producing a range of greeting cards and writing my second book! I look forward to joining the New Forest Marque fairs later in the year. In the meantime, if you would like a walking route leaflet designed for your business, get in touch. More importantly, I am so grateful for all your support, my friends, New Forest Nature and Nurture wouldn't exist without you 🙏

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