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Am I really being healed by my healer?

Once again I feel this is when some people find the language around spirituality block their progress on their path. When we talk about healers, our expectation is often a quick fix from dis-ease, trauma, and physical pain, and it can for a while. But as the participant you may find after a while the issue creeps back in. You see, healing is a co-creation between the practitioner and participant. This is why I feel we need to get away from the word healer and use the word awareness. I find there is so much more growth and awareness and quite often healing created at workshops and talks where I am giving you back the tool box to help yourself and I will just standby and help you when you can't quite "undo that bolt" at that moment in time a healing session becomes very profound and catapults you into even better awareness, intuition and healing. Once you have learnt how to have your own awareness, helping others to heal and have awareness of their own is the easy bit!

Remember, nobody knows you better than you, so why shouldn't you become your own healer through awareness? Why should you hand your power over to others to try and heal? It's never about trying to heal the symptoms, it's about finding that buried layer of the root problem and what created that in your body. Having awareness of it and then simply letting it go!

Stop investing in your vulnerability of being in the hands of others and start investing in being empowered in your own abilities.

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