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Abundance of June.

Solstice and sneezing is what June means to me,

With hay-fever days and mid-summer glee.

Nightjars churring on warm evening heaths,

While kits and cubs are cutting their teeth.

Foxgloves sway in the warm summer breeze,

As seeds and blossoms weigh heavy on trees.

Pollinators are busy tending the plants,

While swallows and swifts skywardly dance.

Dragonflies rattle in progressive flight,

And watching butterflies flutter is such a delight.

Fledglings appear in scruffy new clothes,

As the momentum of life gently slows.

Summer is all about abundance and bloom,

As the animals take advantage of June.

Taking your lesson from natures reflection,

And remind yourself of the earthly connection.

Abundance is there for all our taking,

As we bloom into nature in our full awakening.

Written by Jen Blaxall

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