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A woodland captured in time

While I am sat in front of the fire listening to the rain beat against the window, I thought back to my beautiful meander in the woods yesterday in the sunshine.

I wandered out to recce Sundays spiritual and ancestral pilgrimage amongst the beautiful autumn colours. I love this walk. So full of ancient ghosts of lifetimes past who loved these woods as I do.

They may have passed on now, but the trees they honoured, played under and protected are still standing and captured in time by the etchings they have left behind. I have no doubt their souls still roam this wild woodland full of ancient beech trees and beautiful energy.

I was joined on my short meander by fieldfares and robins while ponies and deer quietly browsed the trees in drops of golden light.

While I stood and breathed in the beauty and quietness of my surroundings I was drawn to the sculpture of the bare trees and as I looked up, I discovered more etchings! It was worth pulling my wellies on for.

If you want to come and spend some time amongst the trees, see the last of the autumn colours and see the etchings for yourself on Sunday, you would be very welcome.

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