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A walk at Brownhills, New Forest.

A sunny winter walk at Brownhills inclosure yesterday. The tall conifers lined my path where I could hear nuthatches tapping against boughs.

This often busy walk was quiet of people and the noise from the A35 drifted into the background as I tuned into the forest. Scrabbling squirrels ascended trees and Jay's squarked deep in the woods while I loosened a layer on the sheltered path. Horse riders were out enjoying the sun and I had a moment of envy as the passed which quickly left me when I heard them discussing the winter stable chores and it took me back to those tough winters of horse management!

I sat on a log with a coffee to soak up my surroundings but the peace was broken by a crow alarm calling. I looked to where it was and noticed it was giving a tawny owl a hard time who was just trying to snooze high in the canopy. With a stretch and an annoyed flap of the wings from the owl the crow got the message and abruptly left as I quietly sat and watched the tawny settle down to continue its slumber.

Heading on again the sun was low in the sky tampering my view as I crunched through fallen pinecones and breathed in the sweet aroma of pine resin. Just as I was heading back to the car I came across my first walker from my past 2 hours of walking and was fondly greeted by a very smiley retriever and wiggly labrador, so I stopped for a cuddle and finished my walk with a warm heart, licked face and dog hair in my jumper.

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