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A time for reset

It's been a wet and busy week, and I have been itching to get out into nature on my own.

I say on my own, but I never feel alone out in the forest. The colours were vivid amongst the nourished landscape. I ran out of descriptions for the many green tones, as the warm breeze whipped amongst the gorse and bracken and the rush through the heavy laden boughs sounds like the susurration of the sea.

Ponies gathered with foals along windy rides to deter the pesky flies and the white clouds moved swiftly across the blue sky. Every one offering a silver lining.

Dragonflies darted across lillypad mires and cotton flower bogs where the scent of bog myrtle filled the air,

before I headed back to grasslands of sunbathing cows and foraging starlings, and hedges were full of pink and white bramble flowers and the sweet scent of wild honeysuckle!

What a perfect hour of energy reboot, ready to go again for this evenings planned walk with more beautiful souls 💖

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