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A time for contemplation.

Today was a time for contemplation. An afternoon with my oldest friends... the trees.

To me, there is nothing more re-energising than a sunny autumnal walk in solitude. The smell had shifted in the woodland from summer breeze notes of honeysuckle and myrtle to damp mosses and woody tones.

Walking quietly is not so easy as the acorns and casts crack beneath my feet, and the constant dropping of acorns not only made odd noises from the woodland but made me brace when walking amongst the boughs.

It seemed nature was starting to celebrate her change of season as the musical 'plop' of acorns dived into a babbling brook as a pony took a satisfying scratch on its conveniently placed branch. The woodland was somehow joyous with a sense of anticipation.

Red admiral butterflies and darters took advantage of the warm and golden light and the birds sang uplifting tunes amongst the turning leaves, but it seemed odd to hear the deer rutting in the distance as I basked in the warm sun along with the pale tussock moth caterpillar and butterflies warming their wings.

Even though the weather is unseasonably warm, my whole being is telling me it is beautiful October once more as I naturally seek out solitude this time of year.... when I say solitude, I mean I migrate towards the oldest and wisest beings of the land and let them hold space (and my flask) as I take time to be mindful.

Take time to breathe and take time to enjoy their company. Thank you, old friends, for showing me it is time to contemplate about what I need to shed and let go of before settling into some time of wintering.

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