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A moment as nature.

A perfect autumn morning for a walk. A scarf and jumper kind of day, but sunglasses were essential in the low, golden sunlight.

A morning dew weighed heavy creating sparkles on everything it touched in the utter stillness of the woodland. The damp, mossy ground was embellished with fungi and nut cases, which have been prized open by squirrels and birds and the sun rays burst through the trees and put them in the spotlight.

Complete solitude from people. Just me, my contemplations and the living landscape. I sat for a while and allowed the warm sun drench me as I listened to the distant rutting deer and calling goshawk. What a joy! What a delightful moment in time!

As the sun started to move on so did I. I was joined by tumbling robins landing the path ahead momentarily to pick up a feed and back to the trees. The deep hum of a hornet and the silent flutter of a speckled wood butterfly defied the cooler climate.

I wandered back alongside the woodland stream as it rolled and babbled with the rhythmic wagging of a grey wagtail in the shallows. Treecreepers headed up the trees with ease and crossbills chattered as they flew overhead.

Thank you nature for these few hours giving me the time to feel as if I belonged to you and not the human race.

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