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A mindful moment amongst the ancient boughs.

A moody walk in the cloud-clad forest this afternoon.

The atmosphere was heavy and the wildlife quiet in the imminent rain. It was magical walking in the anticipation of preticipation!

I wandered amongst the ancient beech wood with no purpose other than to lose my thoughts and find my nature. Then the sound of pattering raindrops on the heavy canopy could be heard. So I "pulled up a bough" and sat amongst the meandering deer, foraging squirrels and busy woodland birds while breathing in the petrichor. The more still I became the busier this corner of woodland became as this centuries old girl offered me a seat, a shelter and a mindful moment.

The shower passed, but not for long as I said farewell to the woodland and stepped out into the heath where heavy, grey clouds were bubbling and rolling above the treeline. The heath has a 'purpling' hue as the heather considers blooming but the supporting act is the common spotted orchids and cotton grass.

This flowering landscape is edged with every shade of green from the perfectly browsed trees and freshly unfurled bracken where ponies grazed and foals played.

I arrived home just before the rain content, inspired and warm-hearted after my afternoon wander 🌳🐎💕

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