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A magical walk at Breamore.

There are some walks that consistently give, and Breamore is one that never lets you down!

With such a celebration of being a small cog in the wheel of connectivity and the abundance of everything, our walk filled our senses with joyful wildlife sightings and an understanding of plants and trees through stories, folklore and history.

The magical Mizmaze fascinates me with its energetic pulls and the ability to quieten the loudest soul to a whisper in its presence, evoking a moment of stillness and reflection.

The yew trees hold you in the comfort of their wisdom and offerings of newly fruiting chicken of the woods to illuminate the dark and humbling Grove.

Heading back out into the vast meadow and enviable views, you cannot deny that feeling of renewal, cleansing and the questioning of the cycle of life after the moment of reflection and profound connection within the company of the ancient yews and the sacred land.

On our return, we stood quietly to watch a woodpecker chick call for food while taking deep breaths of garlic, rape flower, and cow parsnip.

Our walk was finished by a wander around the church, looking for medieval marks and Saxon origins before we stood like excitable children watching bees form a honey comb.

But the most magical moment for me was climbing inside of the ancient and hollowed yew tree to find a frog stoic and mindfully honouring his purpose as guardian of the tree. We asked his permission to enter, and he obliged, providing we didn't step on his sacred stone! We honoured his request, and he happily stood with us amongst the twists and turns of the gnarly roots and branches.

It was a day of gifts! A day of honouring nature with beautiful people and lashings of Elderflower presse.Thank you Roz Tucker for the lift, Vikki Bramshaw - Author for the fresh cleavers from your garden. Thank you, Julie Cozze, for the beautiful and creative heart.

Thank you, mizmaze, for the moment of reflection and thank you to the frog (or guardian of the yew tree) who, by the way, has the same spiritual symbolism of the very tree it was protecting. Life is great when you notice the little things and slow down in nature.


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