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A break in the weather

There was a break in the weather and nothing was going to stop me, but as promised, of course i am bringing you along!

Winding between the bramble bushes, they were all a buzz! With honey bees and hoverflies while the small blue butterfly fed on the bramble flowers and a sad looking silverwashed fritillary rested. Its wings are so battered that it is a miracle it can fly at all! Careful not to disturb the workers and resters, I took advantage of the juicy, ripe blackberry, and it was perfectly sweet. It's that time of year that my fingers become a permanent shade of purple!

The ponies joined me on the grassland but didn't lift their heads from grazing other than to nip at a fly, but mostly tail swishing, hoof stomping and ear twitching put a stop to that. Looking beautifully plump, they are enjoying the peace and the abundance in the small gap of resting between foals weaning and drift season starting. Leaving the ponies to their grazing, I followed the docken water for a while.

Lined with flowering watermint, I gave it a rub to release the aroma as I took a moment to listen to the babbling brook and smiling at the sight of flowering heather. Where the stonechats clattered and called. A complete sensory experience just perfectly being in that moment.

Fritham plain was shining purple and golden with the flowering heather and gorse, but the farfetched view was stunted by the dominant bracken. I didn't concern myself too much as the rowen trees dripped in berries, and the gnarly and multi-faced holly held my attention.

Heading towards ragged boy Hill, the clouds grew heavy and dark, but the humid air carried the welcomes scent of freshly cut pine from the clearing in the nearby inclosure. I caught a glimpse of the neatly stacked freshly cut logs through the trees and sent them out some gratitude for what they provided.

Continuing down the hill, it starts as a gorgeous mix of oaks and yews with such contrast in identity but supporting each other as it seems they have for centuries in the stoic and wise energy of this woodland.

It's not long before the atmosphere changes again when the ancient boughs change to ancient heaths, full of colour and big skies where barrows guard ancient lands with a distant view of hasley inclosure.

The cows gently chewed the cud as I passed hollyhatch cottage and proceeded to the inclosure. This mixed woodland offered an array of fungi on damp rotting wood and woodland rides, but butterflies also inhabit these woods. Meadow browns, gatekeepers, small blues and small white where all spotted in this short window of time where summer is still here, but Autumn is just leaving little temptations along the way.

What a joy!

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