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Winter sun.

A beautiful walk in the winter sun this afternoon. The wind was as sharp as ice on my face but when followed up by a moment of sun it was all worth while!

The ponies look deceivingly large with their thick winter coats fluffed up to stay warm and the robin's look like they were wearing red puffa jackets. There was a songthrush trying out it's song, the nuthatches were calling to one another, the treecreepers were creeping and the squirrels were scampering. The sun rays burst through the trees and danced on the woodland stream as it touched down and sparkled.

It was lovely to have a meander through the green conifers and the bare boughs of the broadleaves on a rare sunny January day. The meandering turned to a quicker pace when crossing the chillsome grassland. The ponies didn't seem phased by the harsh wind and I was less concerned once I was distracted by the beauty that surrounded me. 💜

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

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