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Winter reflections.

There is nothing to be done to stop the winter drawing,

The boughs are bare as the leaves are falling.

Welly weather through mud and puddles,

The woodland creatures are starting to huddle.

Scraping windscreens and frost laden grass,

Long summer days are a thing of the past.

Walking by torchlight in scarves and hats,

And alot of the time in waterproof macs!

In these months of cold and darkness,

Let's take a lesson from our wilderness.

As the trees are letting go of their leaves,

Let's let go of what we no longer need.

The sap draws deep into the sodden ground,

And in warm burrows and setts the animals are found.

Staying at home on these cold dark nights,

Gives us time to reflect by candlelight.

It's has certainly been a trying year,

Suffering loss and shedding a tear,

In admist the dark cold season,

The sun shines through with no rhyme or reason.

In these glimpses of warmth and thawing,

The creatures frolic and forage while calling.

The sun bursts through the wintry glades,

Before returning to cold and frosty shades.

Be grateful for these small moments of light,

And smile about whats to come and things that might.

While turning your face to the warming sun,

Just let go, because what's done is done. 💖

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