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Wildlife of Bolderwood. 

Managed to get a walk in a bit of daylight today Albeit first light, but blue sky was trying to squeeze through the grey blanket covering the forest.

I took a walk at Bolderwood, somewhere I would very much avoid in high season but very grateful for its beauty and abundance of wildlife in these quieter months. I was met by 2 hawfinches busying themselves in the carpark before setting off on my walk. The forest looks wet and grey, but this backdrop enhances the green of the mosses and conifers.

The deer were skipping about in the woods and a quick bark from a hind set they off bouncing as they spotted me creeping past in an attempt not to disturb them! A songthrush entertained me with its song as I followed the path and was lucky enough to hear an early drumming woodpecker. The boughs draped with lichen reminded me how lucky I am to be able to walk these woods and breathe such clean air.

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