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Why would reiki work on me?

When peoples reaction to what I do is.... 'energy healing?....Really??' My reaction is why not? Makes complete sense to me?? We never question universal energy, all those forces at work that keep the planets turning, the oceans ebbing and flowing, the plants and trees growing and the stars shining and burning. This universal energy runs through us all. After all, we are made of 60% water, so why shouldn't we be affected by the moon phases just as it pulls on the oceans tides? But more spectacular than that, we are stardust! ⭐ All the elements that came together to make us human past through billion year old stars. ⭐

Knowing that science has proved we are made from these natural, energetic elements which all have there own force, but also need all the other elements of this universe to keep their equilibrium, why would you not be able to heal energy?? Reiki is about tapping into the natural healing process of mother nature, nothing more, nothing less. We never question how nature rebalances and heals lands after natural disasters if left to recover, so what makes us so different? Nothing!! Why? Because we are nature, we are the elements, we are the stars, we are the universe 🌍

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