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We are nature.

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

My favourite owl 'the great grey owl' in perfect harmony with nature 💞

I like to think this is how I am seen (or not) by the woodland creatures in nature when I walk amongst the trees quietly alone AS nature and NOT seperate from it.

When I get asked how I manage to have such close interaction with wild deer, foxes and even wood mice and voles when in the woods or having the privilege of Robin's feeding from my hand in the garden it is simple....

..... become nature! Walk mindfully, heighten your frequency to breathe the same rhythm of the trees. Allow your pulse rate to lower to the gentle OM of Mother Gaia and with this change of frequency and the quietness of mind comes a different volume of hearing, a new range of seeing and a wider sensation of feeling.

We can always learn from others and wildlife has always been my biggest teacher 💞

(Photo by @edseljamesbatuigas)

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1 comentário

Sue goodswen
Sue goodswen
04 de jun. de 2022

What a beautiful photograph, it must be wonderful to be so in tune with nature you become as one with it. x

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