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We are nature.

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

People often ask me how I manage to get so close to nature on my walks?

It's all about the energy!

Yesterday afternoon I was sat out on the forest having a little meditation time and lying back to do some cloud watching. Within 20 minutes I sat up to see the beautiful sight of a herd of fallow bucks who had quietly come to rest within 30 foot of me. I turned to admire them, took out a drink from my flask and took a video on my phone, they were completely unfazed by my company. (A few minutes later some walkers came in to sight in the distance and they got up and dashed off.)

This is because of the energy frequency I hold when I spend time in nature, I tend to tap into my surroundings and match the energy becoming nature rather than separating myself from it. In the past I have had foxes trot straight past me, owls sit trees above me as we admire each other. Sitting in the garden it is not unknown for the Robin's and blue tits to land on me and even butterflies come to rest on me. This is not a gift, it is innate ability we all have to shift our energy frequency. The art to it is keeping your frequency high, buoyant and light and not to be dragged down by heavy, exhausting low frequency.

We have all used this maybe without knowing. There are times when we have all been drawn to something and come away feeling refreshed, inspired and light. This is because that experience resonates with the authentic you and heightens your frequency. Or walking into a room and feeling something is off or spending time with a person and feeling completely exhausted and drained after being in their company. This is because they are running on a lower frequency and pulled your energy to match theirs.

It's all about standing in your own power and energy and being sensitive to anything coming into and shifting your energy field.

🤔💬 Maybe I should run a workshop?

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