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Walking amongst wild hedges and meadows.

Walking at Godshill this morning I took in a change of scenery as wildflower meadows and blooming, ungrazed hedges dominate. The gentle sway of wild grass seed heads rippled across the meadow only parted when an excitable spaniel tore through heading for the meadow edge brook gently babbling as the sun dances on the clear water. As the happy pooch bounded through the meadow flowers and grasses a cloud of butterflies and dragonflies took to the skies. Meadow brown butterflies were abundant on delicate flower heads while southern hawker dragonflies rattle along the water. Glimpses of beautiful properties were spotted between wild hedges which were laden with bees and beetles.

After heading up hill the bench was inviting to rest with my coffee and take in the beautiful views over the Avon river and beyond before heading back through the farmland and footpaths and negotiating the stiles into the village of Godshill and a short stroll through the forest heath back to the car. A great way to start the day!

To join me for this walk next weekend see the link for more details 👇

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