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Walking Alice's Wonderland

A grey and moody walk this afternoon had a beauty all of it's own. The farfetched views to Southampton were crystal clear from Boltons bench before I headed out of the open heath into Pondhead inclosure. I love this place! So much love goes into the work of this beautiful coppice and the hazel is dripping with catkins while the wood spurge is sprouting in the clearing of the ride verges. I stood and watched a goldcrest busily tidy between branches and under leaves before heading on out of the inclosure.

Crossing the road and into the woods skirting coxlease the trees become ancient and inviting as I step into "Alice's Wonderland" I imagine Alice Liddell had wandered these woods and these trees would have still looked ancient then. The woodland is silent and the ground soft and dry underfoot allowing me to join the quietness in my steps before the landscape opens to Butts lawn. Here the mistle thrushes are in rehearsals singing quick tunes to one another from the trees edging the wet and wild lawn. Ponies grazed under the branches as I kept my feet dry on the boundary path. A buzzard took flight across the open sky and came to rest in a nearby tree I admired him as I passed but didn't disturb him as he was getting enough hassle from the local crow.

Continuing to Brick kiln inclosure my steps on the gravel sounded deafening after the peaceful previous path but obviously not noisy enough to disturb the deer roaming the trees. leaving the inclosure behind onto the home run I admire the wild hedges of willow and blackthorn dotted with rosehips as I meander along the quiet lanes of Bank towards Lyndhurst. Passing by Cuffnells estate there was a commotion in the canopy from a murmeration of starlings as a murder of crows quietly look on from a nearby tree.

If you want to join me for this walk see the link for "walking through Alice's Wonderland" 👇

Along with this walk we will stop by and see where Alice is buried before refreshments at New Forest Heritage Centre, Lyndhurst with the opportunity to take a look round the museum where you will find Alice's looking glass along with anything you wanted to know about the New Forest.

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