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Understanding your own energy field.

Feeling that energy shift yesterday, was I surprised to learn Boris has resigned this morning 🤔 nope!

We are going through lots of energetic shifts at the moment and the vibe of the planet is moving away from structured rules, mandatory schooling and moving into an energy of flow and being true to ourselves rather than the structure created to suit some but not all.

Being in a state of flow means you need to start listening to your whole being rather than organising your world and making all decisions in your head. As humans we are very comfortable in our own heads as it has been programmed into us all our lives to be smart, to "work it out in your head" to "think about it"

We have been schooled for years to fill our brains with knowledge and to make them so sharp, no other part of the body gets a look in! It has served us well to survive in a world of structure but now we need to be asking "what do you FEEL about it?" Or "worked it out in your HEART"

With the heightened vibration the answers we look for hit us right in the energy field and sends a direct message to our body. We just need to know what we are listening for. With the full moon coming next Wednesday it is a good time to practice understanding your energy field as this energy becomes enhanced.

A very simple way to start learning this is when you have a decision to make rather than having a high-speed debate about it with your head-voice, take a deep breath allow the chatter to quiet and push that head-voice down your body and allow it to become your heart-voice. Ask the question again from your heart where it is more open to loving communication rather than over riding your decision with self-doubt like your head-voice. See how your body feels, if your heart feels like it swells, warms and sends tingles into your body, then go ahead with your decision. Just the intention has made your body light up! If your heart feels heavy, dense and possibly make you feel queasy your body is alerting you to step away! The more you make decisions this way, the more in flow you will become with your surroundings and live on a higher vibration as you are always following your right signals!

If you want to learn more about understanding your energy field why not come along to the workshop.

(If you are undecided ask your heart ❤)

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