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The way of the trees.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Taking a lesson from the trees,

As they gently cast their autumn leaves,

The winter sun lights the trodden way,

On this cold and shortening winter day.

The woodland sheds what it no longer needs,

As the boughs become naked on the ancient trees.

We honour their beauty as they stand with pride,

Scars and etchings with nothing to hide.

A million stories told in the bark,

Twisted and gnarly with human-made marks.

But do they shout about being violated?

Or the exhaustion of land we have created?

Not for a moment do they live in angst,

So instead of destroying let's give them our thanks.

They give us oxygen, fire and food,

Along with shelter and tools to use.

So as the wheel is starting to turn,

Towards reflection and resolution,

Lets look to our trees for a lesson in life,

As they listen to the rythms of our dear Mother Earth.

Let's let go of what no longer belongs,

Stay strong and grounded to weather the storm.

Stay in the light, that's where you will grow,

And have faith that soon abundance will flow.

Know the trees have the right idea,

When harm is caused don't shed a tear,

Instead stand tall in the light you're given,

share your gifts and know in time you will blossom.

Written by Jen Blaxall

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