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The calm before the storm.

The calm before the storm..

.... I headed out before light this morning knowing I would be battening down the hatches but being indoors all day isn't good for my free spirit!

Expecting it to be breezy before dawn knowing what's on the horizon it was eerily still, as if Mother Nature was taking a moment of quiet before a hard days work.

Yesterday's rain had channelled its way down the sandy paths of the high heath keeping it firm underfoot for me and the landscape felt alive with the constant trickle of water as it runs into the mires. The sound may be more obvious as on this dark morning sight wasn't my dominant sense with the light being slow to rise under the storm-clad skies.

Heading off the heath and into the woods I stopped to listen to a nearby tawny owl while trying to catch sight of where she was, when she flew from the trees over my head and disappeared into the landscape. A flash of white caught my eye as a roe deer bounced out of the woods and across the golden grasses of the mire.

Changing direction and climbing back up to the open heath the light was enough for me to see the wild and wintry landscape in its patchwork of colours and undulating paths....

...But there was a change in the atmosphere, I could feel it coming as the wind was starting to whip up with Mother Nature waking, ready to get to work. The clouds were heavy and rolling as a low drizzle teamed up with the wind. The ponies started to head to lower ground and the trees started to sound panicked in their tussle with the elements. Just for a moment I turned my face to the wind and the rain and took a deep breath of Gaia's teaser of what will be on offer for the day. It was enough exfoliation and petrichor to get me through a day safely indoors before enjoying once again the calm after the storm when Mother Nature rests once more.

I hope you have all stayed safe today. 🤗

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