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The Autumn equinox.

A wander on my own yesterday in the September sunshine. There were so many other things I should have been doing but somehow golden September sun is precious and calls you to enjoy it wholeheartedly before the changing conditions. So I walked at Milkham and justified it as "work" before next weeks guided walk there.

The bright open inclosure looking over the heath was bursting with colour as it knocks on the door of autumn. Greater spotted woodpeckers dipped through the blue skies with their unmistakable calls as I walked along the verge of the gravel track to quieten my step. The silent wing beats of speckled wood butterflies danced in and out of the sun along the woodland edge and dragonflies crisscrossed my path. The warm sun brought out the Southern wood ants from their nest to do the last few repairs before hunkering down for the colder season. As the broadleaf changed to conifers the atmosphere became denser as I stopped to rest for a moment and take in the smell of the pine resin and watch the crossbills chattering high in the canopy.

Heading out onto the heath it was heaven to enjoy the gentle warm breeze on my face and the patchwork of colours with the last of the heather flowering and the turning bracken.

The beehives are still out making the most of the rugged, heathery landscape to produce the local, sweet heather honey and a herd of fallows could be made out in the distance, but just a silhouette as the low sun in the sky distorted my view.

As I write this now I am sat in the woods with a handful of juicy blackberries. This time of year afternoon coffee tastes so much better amongst gently showering leaves, berry laden bushes and the smell of autumn in the air. As I rejoice every sunny glade lighting the forest floor.

I don't know about you, but on this autumn equinox I don't just feel autumn in the landscape but I feel it in my soul! 🍂🤎🧡❤

Mabon blessings 🌎

If you would like to join me next week go to the event page of my website for more details.

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