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Thank you natural health hub for the promotion! 😁

When Jen @reikinfnn comes into The Hub on Friday afternoons she exudes calmness and cheerfulness. We asked her where does that calm come from?! Here's how she describes how reiki self-healing helps her day-to-day life.

'I believe one of the biggest responsibilities of being able to help others is to do it from a place of balance, calm and a grounded wellbeing. I am not saying I am the most rounded person on the planet, I have the usual hang ups-and anxieties that come with being a human being, I have aches and pains and the usual hormonal emotions of a woman of a certain age! But using reiki as a self-healing tool on a daily basis allows me to 'hold space' for myself, step back if you like, to understand my creeking knees and emotions. I can often reduce or get full relief from the pain, or calm and rebalance my emotions. From this space I start to observe a 'bigger picture' how we are all connected and what creates certain energy blockages, emotions and reactions. When doing this it is easier to work from a place of compassion and empathy. Opening your heart and heightening my vibration allowing an open channel for the receiver to begin healing themselves. If I didn't regularly use reiki on myself, in my opinion I would feel I was cheating my clients.'

You can book on the following link.

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