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Textbook New Forest autumnal walk.

A beautiful walk between the showers. It was a text book New Forest autumnal walk. The sun broke through the rain clouds and enhanced the beautiful golden colours of the falling leaves. Ponies hooves through the wet leaves and crunching sweet chestnuts echoed through the trees but they had managed to step over the array of fungi popping up from the forest carpet.

As I turned my face to the warming sun my attention was caught by the sweet, gentle tweeting of a volery of long tailed tits backed by the distant sound of rutting deer. While continuing along the inclosure paths deer where darting to and fro and I could hear the cracking of pine cones opening in the sun then wandered round a corner to be met by the pigs foraging and grunting between the trees! Ahhh, heaven!!

I have just added next months walks if you want to come and join me for the last of the autumnal colours 🍂

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