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Tall trees walk.

Did a recci of the guided walk I will be leading on Sunday, just to check it is all still passable after Dennis being a menace!

Despite the imminent rain, it was the usual beautiful walk and even though it being half term not many people venturing out. It is nice to have a walk that isn't up to my knees in mud this time of year, and with the walk being 'easy underfoot' it allows me to take in the sights and sounds.

The grey clouds were rolling in, but the talk conifers sheltered me from the moody atmosphere.

This walk is filled with a patchwork of texture and colours gifted by nature with the unmistakable aroma of the pine trees that line the walk. I could just make out a herd of red deer grazing in the woodland that runs parallel with my path, going completely unnoticed by the family who just past me on the track. The twitchers were all set up in the arboretum on the look out for hawfinches and skilled woodsmen present alot of their talent on this walk with sculptures and carvings, which just adds to the delight for your senses.

The tall trees consume you in their magic of calm and wonder that only nature can provide and amongst the greens and brown tones of the winter filled forest a pop of vibrant yellow from a bunch of early flowering daffodils illuminates the ground.

If you would like to know more about the walk or would like to come along go to the events page or get in touch.

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