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Stormy weather/stormy energy

Most of us if we can have battened down the hatches this weekend against the stormy weather. High winds don't just whip up the energy in nature but within our own systems. We can feel anxious and irritable as the stormy weather whips through our energy field. The energies are already crazy at the moment as they are clearing the ways for manifestation and now the high winds and stormy weather has made that even more chaotic!

While we wait for the weather to clear be kind to yourself. Read a good book, take a salt bath, play your favourite music and have a sing and dance! These things will feed your soul and move the chaotic, irritable energy through your body.

Alternatively, take advantage of doing "indoor jobs" and maybe shift some furniture. Changing a room round can release blocked, stale energy allowing positive energy to flow, bringing happiness to your home and a great space to allow inspiration to drop in.

Keep safe in the storms my friends and if you need a little more help shifting those energies I would love to see you for a healing session.

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