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Spring forward.....

A beautiful walk in the spring sunshine this morning. Not a breath of wind with the sun gently warming my bones through the trees. The dappled glades were sprinkled with flashes of yellow from the brimstone butterflies busily flying through the rays. Ponies were quietly grazing amongst the still damp foliage which reminds me the weather has only recently improved and the open rides are starting to show signs of sunnier weather with the appearing wildflowers.

The song thrushes are the only birds out-singing the blackbirds and the sound of woodpeckers are becoming more dominant with their territorial drumming. I came across a young pony scratching himself against a fallen tree to try and remove some of his winter coat and he made me raise a smile as he pulled such expressions that only great satisfaction can create. This smile stayed with me as I was accompanied by brimstones and peacock butterflies on my walk home, passing snoozing donkeys and chanting birds.

Just waiting for the show of new tree canopy now and we will be back in the full flow of the regenerated forest for the coming months.

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