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Spiritually, a personal journey. 

Even though I am a reiki master, I don't consider myself 'woowoo' I follow a spiritual path, but very much live in reality. I am a believer that your spiritual awakening is your own private path to be walked alone or guided by the hand of your guides and Angel's. Intuition isn't something to be taught at a workshop, it can only be realised by looking within, and sometimes that means looking into the dark and traumatised areas of your soul, but once acknowledged it heals quickly and for your highest good (I speak from experience.) I like to think that if you didn't know me on a personal level, you would never realise the awakening path I tread and how aware I am of my guides, angels, energy and auras. It is all about balance! To the outside world I am mostly seen wearing Jean's and wellies trudging through the muddy forest, but I am also stepping over ants, turning over beetles who are on their backs and staring in amazement at caterpillars turning into butterflies. I enjoy a glass of wine at the weekend, but it also reminds me of everything I need to be grateful for while thinking back to my busy week and saying a little "cheers' to that! I eat meat, but consciously. Eating local and ethically as possible. You see, to me spiritually equals gratitude. There is nothing more I love than a meal and a catch up with the girls or going to see a live band play, but I equally love some quiet time meditating. When I was new to meditation I found it very hard to turn off my chatter and when I did I fell asleep! But one thing someone said to me made it all fall into place for me... ... when you are having the conversations in your head, there is always a slight pause before the next subject that needs urgently attending to by your overactive brain!.... Simply just make that pause a little long each time.

Before I knew it, meditation was an easy as flicking a switch! Through these quiet, 'just be' moments I have awakened unused brain function of deepening my intuition, allowing energy to speak the truth through the light and attraction of peoples auras, therefore enhancing my work as a reiki practitioner. So even though I have a passion for being amongst nature, you won't find me hugging a tree anytime soon, although I can't pass a mossy carpeted bough without running my hand through it, but seriously....who could resist!

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