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So what is Nature Therapy?

I have had a few enquiries about what happens on a nature therapy session?..

... In short, what ever you wish!

Let's make it clear, there is no group meditation, chanting or tree hugging. There is no talking about feelings or sharing stories... unless you want to! You see, this time is about YOU! I will be there to hold a safe space for you all but provide you with the freedom to have your own area distraction free to be in nature. I will invite you to sit, stand or lie and open your senses amongst different habitats, but you don't have to take me up on it.

For example, I may invite you to lie by the river and listen to your surroundings but you might not feel comfortable doing this and may want to sit and watch the flowing river instead, or even put your bare feet in the water. This is all fine, it's your time to have space, freedom, reflective, quiet time amongst nature. It's as simple as that!

So what do I provide? I hear you ask.

I am there to enhance your experience by not only offering you invitations to open your senses and deepen your connection with nature but will guide you to different areas that will allow you your own space without distraction but still within the safety of a group while (most importantly) taking away time and destination for the time you are with me. It's amazing how pressured we can feel about where we should be and at what time or for how long!

I am also there to answer all your questions and as we walk back to the carpark there is normally many questions about the nature that's been noticed or the AHA! Moments that arose during the time of quiet in nature. This is a regular occurrence because when we free ourselves from distraction, responsibility and time and bathe in nature we start listening to ourselves and the answer to that burning question or dilemma we just haven't been able to work out rises to the forefront of our consciousness.

This reconnection with nature isn't only deeply calming and grounding but has scientifically proven to have healing benefits that don't only stay with you for the session but for up to a week.

So most people are able and suitable whether you want to just come along and have a little quiet time to relax in the forest, or you hug a tree, meditate and chant you are ALL welcome and will benefit from this time where I step aside and allow nature to be your guide.... After all, it's the most natural thing to do!

The next Nature Therapy session is on the 8th May, get in touch if you would like to come along (or look on the events page) Alternatively, take a look at the nature therapy page to learn more.

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