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Signs of summer in nature.

Once the fog lifted this morning the sun and the temperature rose along with my mood on this beautiful spring morning. The wildlife was enjoying the warming of the day and showing true signs of the changing season. Fallow bucks where in all stages of antler. Some still with impressive headdress, some with velvety new growth and some just boasting the "wonky" one antler look. Spots are starting to show on their coats as they change from heavy winter robes to smart summer coats. Ponies are looking well too coming out of winter, some mares heavily pregnant and some getting inventive on what to use as a scratching post with the change of coat starting to itch!

I heard my first cuckoo of the year this morning (this always warms my heart.) No sighting of him, but enjoyed watching a circling red kite and a hovering kestrel.

The fog on the conifers enticed them into releasing that unmistakable sweet resin smell and the sun drenched heath was warm without a drop of breeze where brimstone and orange tip butterflies warmed themselves for a busy day. The birds are busy too, I spotted long tailed tits and stone chats nesting in the gorse and blue tits and great tits nesting in the beech trees. It is only a matter of days before we lose the clear view of nesting birds in the deciduous trees as their leaves unfold into shades of lime.

A beautiful start to a beautiful day 🌞

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