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Saying goodbye to a pet.

They say the only guarantee in life is death. Whether it is saying goodbye to a friend, loved one or loyal companion pet there is no denying it is painful. I want to share with you my experience of saying my final farewell to my little Jack Russell last week and how Reiki helped her and all the heavy hearted people and other pets she left behind.

Even though Tinker was 16 years old she was a sprightly old thing with a big personality, but last Thursday evening she took a turn. Aware that she was uncomfortable I sat up with her trying to make her settle, but in my heart I knew what she was telling me. However much I tried to fight back the tears to comfort her in true Tinker style she tried to comfort me. Animals are far more perceptive and accepting than we give them credit for. So I curled up with her, cradled her in my arms and gave her reiki. She soon fell asleep but the pain in my heart knowing the decision I was going to have to make the next morning was almost unbearable so while I sat up with her that night I also sent myself reiki. This didn't take away the pain of my breaking heart but gave me the strength to make the truely right decisions for Tinker and allowed us to have that final night together with our energies bonded and giving her some relief.

That next morning we took her to the vets and she was put to sleep peacefully with both my husband and I by her side. While my husband gently stroked her head I quietly sent her distant reiki as she passed to help her transition. The great thing about Reiki is it can be performed in a room full of people and nobody would be aware. But Tinker was. I held her energy in my hands until she passed. The next 2 days felt like a blur after losing our loyal friend who has been here all through our relationship but at any given moment I sent reiki. Not only to myself, but my husband, the energy of our home, my other dog Banjo (who is Tinkers daughter) and of course Tinker. You see, energy has no space or time so even though I can no longer see, play or hug Tinker I can still feel her energy.

On the Sunday morning i took Banjo for a long walk to try and clear my head and dry the tears and suddenly I felt Tinker all around us. She was in the sway of the trees the call of the birds and the passing clouds. I felt a lightness and a release and Banjo suddenly seemed happier and carefree. I know, as I have experienced it many times with other animals I have helped pass over that she had made the transition. We are a week on and today we scattered her ashes. A day hasn't passed yet where I haven't shed a few tears but it's okay, reiki allows me to release and then smile when I think of that cheeky face. In fact today my husband and I found ourselves having a real belly laugh about her daft antics! It has given me my husband and our Banjo the strength to grieve rather than hold back, the strength to give ourselves space from our daily lives until we were ready, the strength to support each other but most importantly the strength to do right by Tinker until her very last ash was carried by the wind and onto the beginning of her next journey.

My reiki career started with animals. We can learn so much from their perception and acceptance. I have helped many animals to improve from sickness or injuries but I have also helped many pass over and transition either by being with them in person or through distance reiki then quite often on standby to treat the grieving owners. It is never easy saying goodbye whether they are your pet or not but as in life, we want to give them the best and after their lifetime with us of unconditional love, loyalty and fun why wouldn't we give them the most peaceful and supported send off in return?

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