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Rowbarrow meander

Unplanned meanders are the best!

Having a spare hour or 2 between jobs the woods were calling once again so I stopped at Pig Bush as I was passing having not walked Rowbarrow in a long time.

The pleasure started before leaving the carpark as the lovely Jan (and her dog Authur) came to say hi after recognising my sign written car. She has been following my blogs ๐Ÿ™ and before long, we were sharing our love for the forest (and Arthur cuddles!) We bonded over a deep love and knowledge of this wonderous forest and went our seperate ways but not before agreeing to stay in touch and to meet for wanderings and like-minded conversation.

Starting my walk with no plan or destination other than to "just be" in nature Pig Bush wood was illuminated by 'rain dropped' canopies of lime green. Edging the woodland an oak tree stands and stretches its boughs as long as he is tall as if to catch the sun from the open grassland and breathe it into his roots.

Tadpoles wriggled along the streams edge as I cross the bridge and the mornings rain had pushed the scent of bog myrtle into the air that edged the path towards Rowbarrow wood.

I just reached the old open woodland with the greying sky and first drops of rain and as I walked amongst the oaks and birch the dripping lichen from boughs was a dominating feature.

Winding between boughs and bark this woodland feels wild and supportive. For some reason it oozes love and caused me to stop and sit for a while. The greens of this woodland almost overwhelming with sprawling canopies and unfurling bracken.

Sitting amongst the glory of this sacred woodland the bird song was intense and in my moment of awakened senses I watched a treecreeper forage up an old gnarly oak. Cuckoos were calling in the distance and woodpeckers drumming closeby.

Aware of my days agenda I started to head back off the beaten track finding chicken of the woods on decaying oak trees and a roe deer checking me out from behind a tree. Every now and then a hawthorn tree laden with May flowers broke through the green as I stepped back onto the path towards the carpark.

The skies darkened once more but I lit up with Jack Russell's heading my way. Anyone who knows me know I won't just walk past! Once again I find myself engaged in a conversation with a lovely lady who belonged to the dogs! Her love for the forest was easily recognised by a fellow walker and horserider as we swopped our love for those 'special places' that are close to our heart. We said our goodbyes as the rain started to fall once more and the dogs headed for the trees.

I didn't mind the warm rain on my face as I admired the twisted torsos of trees and determination to survive despite growing towards the ground.

A beautiful few hours amongst wild woodland, like-minded people and doggy cuddles! No wonder the lovely ladies I met spoke so fondly of these woods it holds you with love ๐Ÿ’•

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