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Reiki session explained.

Something I hear alot from inquisitive people is "I am worried about what you will release from me!"

So thought I would try and explain what my involvement is as a Reiki practitioner.

First thing you need to bare in mind is as the client, YOU are the healer. I am simply the vessel allowing the reiki energy to flow to you. A simpler way to explain it is imagine the Reiki energy is healthy, clean, thirst-quenching water, and as the Reiki practitioner, I would be the glass. Only YOU decide how thirsty you are. You may only want a sip to see how it tastes before trying more. You may be so thirsty you drink the water in one go, then refill the glass. You may take a drink just to taste but when you do, you didn't realise how thirsty you were, so go back for more. Or you may drink a glass regularly just to keep hydrated.

Without the glass you cannot easily drink the water and only YOU know how much water you need.

You see, you have to want to heal on some level either consciously or subconsciously to allow the Reiki to flow to you and you are in control consciously or subconsciously of how much you receive. So back to your concern.....

..."I am worried about what you might release from me"

My answer is simple "I released nothing from you, you did it all yourself!"

To find out more about Reiki, me as a practitioner or to book a session check out the reiki page.

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