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Reiki..... A lifestyle.

Reiki has always been more than something I help others with, I use it on a daily basis by starting my day showing gratitude to all that I have in my life..... loving family, great friends, good health, food on the table, water in abundance and roof over my head. I connect to the distance symbol and send it to all these things.

We are all told we must drink more water. Some charge and cleanse it with crystals, others with sound or vibration. I simply draw the power symbol over my glass and drink in the reiki vibration.

I am at that time of life where I need a little help with supplements and medication. I draw the power symbol over them before taking, just to help them along the way.

When I water my garden I send reiki to my plants and send the symbols to the bird table as I feed the birds, and obviously charge their water too.

House work.....What a chore! But once all the dust has been cleaned away, I cleanse the energy in each room. Hopping in the car to run an errand I send the distant symbol to the journey, keeping me safe and helping me find a parking space.

I made a conscious decision not to watch the news a few years ago, but living in today's world with social media sometimes things get thrown in my face I feel saddened by as it is out of my control, but I can send reiki to the situation for the highest good.

Then at the end of my day I show gratitude to all the lovely things that have happened in my day and then send myself to the land of dreams in the safety of a reiki chi ball where I often have journeys and conversations with my spirit guides.

Reiki has no limits or boundaries, time and space has no concept when it comes to energy. So however you chose to use reiki and for what, your choices are limitless and for the highest good while spreading good vibration and positivity along the way.

The beauty of all the things I send reiki to in a day, can be done in a matter of seconds and nobody would no I am doing it. I am not a crazy lady wafting huge symbols through the air whilst chanting a mantra, I am simply drawing the relevant symbol within my minds eye and projecting it where it needs to go and to the highest good.

Remember, Reiki is about simplicity and good intention and this is why it is a way of life to me.

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