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Realise your power!

Updated: May 7, 2021

No truer words said!

As an energy practitioner the healing starts and finishes with the client.

Whenever we feel unbalanced, stressed or ill it is because we are not listening to our body. Our bodies are not just our vessel, if we tune in it tells us yes/no, do it/run away! Get up and move/rest. It's when we lose touch with the signals our body is giving us via our energy system things become unbalanced and practitioners like me are seeked out to remind the client of their unique and magnificent energy system and body.

People often turn to spirituality when they feel they are lost, reaching out to mediumship, spell casting, calling on the gods or universal forces. But you need to look much closer to home to feel contentment, rebalance, happiness and manifest the life you desire. It's not in the hands of tarot reader, spell caster or even the healer. These are all great for lots of reasons and all there to help you on your journey, but it's not somebody else's responsibility to 'fix you!' Your first stop is not to reach up and out but to start quieten your mind and look within, because you are the creator of your own universe through the power of your thoughts, feelings, actions and words. When you tune into your body, you are the tarot reader as your thoughts and feelings will give you all the signals you need for your true future path and be mindful of your words as you can be a spell caster. Speech can be very powerful (theres a reason it's call SPELL-ing!)

It's for these reasons I don't like to call myself a 'healer' I am here as the practitioner that simply holds space and gently reminds the recipient to tune in to their body so they can get to work and start self healing while enjoying a deeply relaxing, comfortable, safe and quiet place to re-acquaint the client with their true and higher self!

It's far more important to me to give you the tools to stand in your own power and help yourself rather than relying on someone else to try and make it right. 💖

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