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Rahanni celestial healing in the New Forest.

Now offering Rahanni celestial healing.

Rahanni means "of one heart" and is a beautiful energy healing modality which works on the 5th dimensional high vibration. It allows us to live our true essence by releasing negative energy and fear that we have accumulated through our experiences, along with balancing our masculine and feminine aspects allowing us to move forward to follow are true path with love and compassion while healing physical and emotional blockages.

Rahanni is a powerful healing modality and everyone can benefit from its relaxing, high vibrational frequency as it gets to work quickly and cuts down the healing time. Animals and children are particularly open to Rahanni as they are open to the higher energies and has shown great benefits for children who are diagnosed with hyperactivity and ADD.

I am offering Rahanni for a discount price of £25 (usual price £35) for you or your pet until the end of January. Get in touch to make a booking or find to out more. Email me at

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