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Quiet walk in the new forest.

A moody feel about this evenings walk. The forest was strangely quiet with only a stonechat to be heard across the heath and the scampering of chasing squirrels on the thick bark of the trees. The heavy cloud cover created a damp smell in the air which made the wild honeysuckle and conifer trees punch out their aroma into the forest on the warm, heavy breeze.

I can't get enough of the colours and textures of the forest, whatever the season, but now we have passed the longest day of the year it seems the forest is just making a nod of acknowledgement to Autumn, which is not quite 'waiting in the wings' more still in the dressing room! The glut of acorns are starting to show, along with the abundant crab apples and sloes. But before they take centre stage, the heather is starting to flower across the heaths and the bog myrtle has new growth creating yellowing tops to the wetland shrub.

The bracken is showing signs of starting to go over which produces splashes of yellow amongst the beautiful green, textured landscape. The tracks are edged with punctures of purple from the growing self heal and the young 'stand alone' oak on the heath looks in prime condition! I often imagine how this oak will look in 300 years sheltering the ponies from the heat with its sprawling boughs and pigs gorging themselves on its autumn bounty.

As I was heading back, I eventually came across 2 ponies grazing the herbs and grasses of the wild land and a blackbird trying to stuff as many rowan berries as possible in one sitting! What a beautiful walk! 💜🌳🐎

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