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New year magic!

Whatever your resolutions are for the new year, it is the perfect time to set the intention for what you really want as the next few months are all about manifestation! 2021 has been a tough year for most, but it has also been about building the foundations of things to come and if you allow and follow your souls path, 2022 is going to be magical!!

Sit in the energy of the new year and new moon and give yourself permission to let go of the trails and tribulations of the past and set intentions with excitement in your heart and a raised vibration for the new year under the new moon. The coming few days of new year celebrations has a powerful energy of it's own as many of us set good intentions and as a collective it raises the vibration. This is why often if you are out celebrating with loved ones as the clock strikes or had a gentle walk in nature during the day there is an undeniable sensation of anticipation, hope and emotion.

The cherry on the cake is the new moon energy on the 2nd where we can create "new beginnings"

Tomorrow I will be writing down what I want to let go before burning it in an outdoor fire then under the new moon I will be writing down my intentions for the coming year and sit it under a lit candle.

However you decide to offer your desires one thing to remember when it comes to manifestation, often things need to clear for you to move towards your goal, so there may be a time of chaos. Ride the storm! You are on the right path.

But ultimately, 2022 will be a magical year of manifestation. I can already feel the shifting energy 'goosebumping' my body and opening my heart for what's to come.

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