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New forest stained glass

If you are a regular follower to my page you will recognise the name Roz Tucker as being an amazing photographer and very kindly sharing her pictures of the walks.

Roz and I bonded over our passion for nature (and our daft sense of humour!) And since become very good friends.

Roz's artistic flair doesn't end with photography. She is a very talented and creative person who produces amazing digital art prints,

and creates beautiful bespoke pieces from copper foiling

And leaded stained glass.

Roz gets all her inspiration from nature and her work is way too good to not be shared!! She has lived in and around the New Forest all her life and if she is not in her workshop creating she will be found climbing a tree or lying in the mud to get those beautiful photos we all love 💖

Take a look at some of her work and if you would like her to do something for you, or a special Christmas gift she is taking orders and happy to discuss ideas.

Contact Roz by email

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