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Nature Therapy.

Sometimes we need to simply stop and just be in nature. And when we do, often nature joins us.

It has been scientifically proven that allowing yourself some quiet time and opening your senses to nature promotes well-being by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, improving your mood and boosting your immune system. It creates a chemical change that allows your body to fight cancerous cells, bacterial and viral infections, as well as often being a deeply profound experience.

If you are unsure about spending quiet time on the forest alone allow me to create a safe environment for you while I step aside and nature becomes your guide and a wonder for your senses.

If the pressure of life in the fast lane is stressing you out, or like me you are feeling the anxiety of coming out of lockdown, Nature Therapy is the perfect remedy! Come and join me for 2 hours of Nature Therapy on 11th July at 9.30am in Brockenhurst. To find out more, go to the link on my website or contact me for more information or to book a space.

I am limiting the group to 5 to stay within the government guidelines during lockdown and social distancing rules are adhered to.

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