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Nature is medicine.

Feeling rotten from a chest infection and the antibiotic affect I went to the best medical room I know. The forest!

Walking in the mixed woodland with the conifer aroma of sweet, damp pine needles filling my lungs. The beautiful golden beech trees were complimented by the evergreen backdrop of the forest. The chestnuts long yellowing leaves were just about hanging on in the light breeze with the "hoglet" like casings of their fallen and foraged nuts lying beneath.

A crow was alarm calling from a tree above which alerted me to the presence of a predator. I looked into the trees for signs of a bird of prey when I caught sight of something moving on the ground out of the corner of my eye. In the bright afternoon autumnal daylight a vixen trotted across the path ahead completely unfazed by my presence, closely followed by the squawking crow in the trees above.

Nature was definitely the medicine I required!

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