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Monthly news letter.

April has been an exciting month in the New forest with lockdown restrictions easing, local businesses are reopening, haircuts are happening and slowly we are getting to see our friends and family. I for one have had a meal and a few drinks at the fabulous Oak at Bank with my 2 besties (to support a local business obviously!) 😉

The weather of April has been bizarre with '4 seasons in one day' happening often upsetting our delicate garden plants in the process, but the wildlife didn't seem too phased by it! Toad and frogspawn has been abundant and the hibernating butterflies such as peacock, red admiral and brimstone have been 'on the wing' on the warmer days. Hares have been boxing and ospreys have been sighted. Wood anemones have popped up as splashes of white amongst the ancient woodland and basking in the light beneath the bare boughs. Catkins have been the jewel of some trees this month before the unfurling leaves while birds have been busy building nests.


It's been incredible to get out taking guided walks and catching up with familiar friends and welcoming new! During April we have walked inclosures, heaths and coastlines and recently spotted nesting birds, orange tip butterflies and early foals. Heard cuckoos and drumming woodpeckers while walking through heavy scented wild garlic and the large green leaves of the imminent bluebells. Along with learning about animal tracks and discovering fox dens, badger setts, cast antler and beautiful ancient trees.

As our gardens start to bloom and the warmth increases in the coming month of May, look out for emerging ladybirds, the swooping and flitting of swifts and swallows. Fledgling birds and new born foals along with the brave fox cubs leaving their dens. Fresh lime green leaves on the trees and carpets of bluebells. Small copper, skippers and pearl border butterflies will emerge and the bracken will unfurl. The list of walks can be viewed on my events page and remember I am also available for private walks tailored to your needs. Add SPRINGWALK to save 10% on one booking.

Energy healing.

It's been lovely seeing regular and new clients in the last couple of weeks getting some selfcare after a hard few months. Along with helping relieve some aches and pains, insomnia and anxiety.

I have also helped a poor dog this week who suffered an adder bite on the nose and after a night in the vets and a dose of anti-venom he was feeling very sorry for himself. But after a healing session he was back eating and drinking and it accelerated his recovery. I don't restrict my energy healing to pets and people, while out walking in the week I stopped for a rest and a drink when I noticed a pony looking very sorry for herself, she had sweet itch and gunky eyes she was being driven mad by flies so I got to work from a distance. (I don't have to be hands on to allow the energy to flow) her head soon dropped and she licked and chewed as she relaxed. Her head dropped lower as she started to snooze in the sun then took a big sigh and relaxed into a deep meditative state. We both held this space for about 15 minutes before she woke from her state, turned to look at me before wandering off to graze.

A week later, I bumped into her again on the forest and she followed me on my walk for a good while. I turned to her and said "so sorry, I haven't got time to stop today, but will send you some energy later."

With that she left me to walk alone. I did send her some energy that evening and I hope she felt the benefit!

Use SPRINGENERGY when booking to save 10% off one booking.

Nature therapy

Getting out for a fully booked nature therapy session this month was lovely. The weather was kind to us and it is always such a deeply relaxing way to spend a morning. It's always interesting how participants not only feel a really deep, healing connection with nature on the day, but regularly contact me as they are feel the benefit days later with continued release, improved mood, sleep and health.

Use SPRINGTHERAPY when booking to save 10%


Now we are into the warmer, brighter and drier months I am now offering 'new forest nature and nurture experience days' this is a very relaxing, healing and rebalancing day, starting with a healing therapy then lunch. Before spending the afternoon on the forest enjoying a guided walk and nature therapy.

For more details take a look at the experience day page and use SPRINGRELAX when booking to save 10%.

Spring blessings and warm wishes, Jen.

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