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Magical moment between the showers

I must have been in sync with the universe today, the sun broke through the clouds as I stepped out of the car for my wander through the forest.

I was welcomed by a rainbow and clearing skies. The forest seemed spirited and alive as it sparkled in its saturation. Heavy raindrops caught the sun and glistened against the trees which seemed to stand taller.

Fruiting hedges were juicy and abundant and colours of heather and hips were vibrant.

I wasn't the only one taking advantage of the break in the weather, a thrush was enjoying the fruitful abundance and raindrops fell from the foliage as two bullfinches burst from the hedgerow. Rabbits darted from gorse to heather and cows lumbered from the woods to the heath as they joined the ponies to dry their coats in the sun where three buzzards called from the thermals.


progressed into the woodland and admired the sunny glades as the sun touched down on the multicoloured bracken where a munjac roamed. Silence reigned amongst the trees apart from the raindrops that could not cling to the leaves much longer.

I felt like I and the forest could really breathe amongst the conifers as they released their healing resin aroma. Ancient boughs of oaks and waxy needles of pines were all glorious in this magical, quiet moment between life giving showers.

The walk didn't seem long enough, but the dark clouds were rolling back in. As I opened my car door I caught one raindrop on my face and as I started the engine the heavens opened!!

Thank you nature for sharing your magical moment!

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