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June energy shifts.

Tonight is the Strawberry full moon, called so by native Americans. Europeans always knew if as the rose, honey or mead moon until strawberries made their way here and now we also know if as the strawberry moon. However you know it, it is a time to reap your rewards. 2020 so far has been a challenging year, but this is all part of a huge energy shift. So however you have adapted and worked hard to achieve your goals over this time it is now going to come to fruition. It's about reaping the rewards from your harvest, so make sure you take time for yourself and appreciate what you have achieved.

This June is full of energy shifts, not only is it a full moon tonight, but there is also a penumbral eclipse. Mercury is in retrograde from the 17th and of course we have the summer solstice, along with the new moon and another eclipse on the 21st. These energies bring to light relationships, this doesn't just mean your other half, or relatives but people you are close to and spend time with helping you release emotions and judgement around these relationships. June energy is also about deepening your spiritual awareness allowing you to move forward on your true path. So hold tight through all the shifts, go with it and enjoy!

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