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It's been a busy week!

It's been a very busy week having taken 6 walks, (but my office isn't bad! 😉)

I have met many lovely people here on holiday and engaged with them about our beautiful working forest, the effects of human impact, climate change along with talking about local traditions and how our beautiful landscape provides habitats for many rare species. I feel very strongly that engaging with people through a positive and enjoyable way gets them onboard with keeping the forest a safe and thriving place for our grazing stock and wildlife.

I also have many regular local walkers who often become friends as we share common interests including the lovely Abbi Hannaford who left me a shining review and took some beautiful photos on our walk today. Thank you! 💜

Look forward to seeing more of my regular and new walkers tomorrow morning. (2 spaces left if anyone fancies coming along)

"I went on a beautiful guided 4.5 mile walk this morning near Emery Down on The New Forest with my lovely friend and guide, Jen.

Whether you live locally and would like to discover hidden gem locations on your doorstep, or you are new/here visiting the area, I'd highly recommend a guided walk with Jen. Learn more about the locality and its flora and fauna. I grew up here but have learned so much more from walking with Jen."

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