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It's all about perspective.

So many of us have lost this year and now we feel like Christmas has been taken too. It's okay to be sad at Christmas, it's okay to reflect on our year. When I see most people preparing for Christmas, I see nothing but stress and pressure, to get the right presents, turkey, table decorations, wine and to be happy, WE MUST BE HAPPY!! 😜 (Blimey I feel stressed already!)

This is going to be a unique Christmas for all. So let's make it one to remember. Have a picnic out in your favourite place pork pie, cheese and pickles like me and my husband.

If it's just you and the kids, get the old board games out and play charades like we did as children. If it is just you, binge watch tv with your favourite tipple and food. See this Christmas day as a guilt free day off! Or as my husband always says SIMPLIFY MAN! 🤣

But for those of us that have lost this year, it's okay to be sad and to miss them. Get the photos out, watch the silly videos you made, but when you sob be grateful for them and the times you shared together. It's all part of the grieving process, but never feel lonely. They are with you and after dark step outside under the starry sky and know they and everyone else you love and lost are right here in this universe with you and feel the hug of nature as you wish upon a star.

Sending love to you all 💖

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